Why Use A Crane When A Copter Will Do?

Put another way, how else can a very focused team remove and replace 23 rooftop HVAC units to be located more than thirty-five (35) feet off the ground in less than one (1) hour?

The Triad Properties team met at daybreak this morning at their 300 Diamond Dr. property to watch the carefully coordinated event. Working as a unified team, Aircrane’s twin turbine engine Sikorsky’s-58T helicopter crew, Fite Building Company, and HC Blake Co. personnel, secured, lifted, flew, and replaced equipment weighing approximately 100 tons on top of a 300,000 square foot warehouse. “From the time the ground crew attached the rig to a new unit on the ground, the pilot flew it to the roof, the men on the roof guided the unit to fit in the curb, then they attached to another roof top unit, and flew that 15 year old unit to ground in less than 2 minutes and 15 seconds. The work was impressive,” according to Fuller McClendon, Triad Properties’ Senior Vice President of Leasing and Development.

For more information, contact Fuller McClendon at 256-428-0404 or fmcclendon@triadproperties.com.