Build-To-Suit Development

From the conceptual phase through construction and completion, Triad has earned a track record of surpassing the client’s expectations by providing build-to-suit development services with creativity, flexibility, and integrity. The client is included as an integral part of the team in each stage of predevelopment, pre-construction, construction and completion of the development as described in our DEVELOPMENT SERVICES section. In addition, all aspects of a build-to-suit project will be conducted on an open-book basis and consistent communication will ensure a transparent approach.

Our full disclosure, open-book approach gives our clients complete flexibility to evaluate value-engineering alternatives and scope changes. In addition to fostering a partnership attitude, this approach builds a foundation of trust and respect that allows Triad to deliver a quality project that meets the clients specific design requirements and is completed on schedule and within budget.

Triad‘s principals have developed a wide range of build-to-suit projects throughout the Southeast and Southwest for companies such as IBM, Westinghouse, Premier Professional Systems, Boeing, Chrysler, Lockheed, AEgis Technologies, CAS, Nortel, EKA Chemicals, Travelers, an international joint venture between Nestle and L’Oreal, Gartner Group and the U S Government.

Depending on the user’s objectives, Triad Properties may develop on a fee-only basis or own the completed property. Alternatively, at the user’s election, many build-to-suit projects are structured to allow the tenant or its shareholders to own the property.