Comprehensive, Dependable, Pro-active and Value-Added

Triad has earned the reputation of providing comprehensive, dependable, pro-active, and value-added Property Management Services for a wide array of owners. Triad’s accomplished team provides professional services that save owners time, money and distraction while Triad focuses on operational efficiencies, capital preservation, long-term return on investment and value enhancement of the managed Property.

Institution owners have carefully evaluated Triad’s team, track record, capabilities, and reputation as a pre-requisite to selecting the company as a third party property manager. After exceeding this specific and in-depth underwriting, performance and reporting standards that are required and expected of third party service providers by institutional owners, Triad and its senior executives have been selected to manage properties for numerous institutional owners, which include life insurance clients such Principal, CIGNA, Aetna, Teachers, Mass Mutual, State Farm and Travelers, and pension fund advisors such as AEW Capital Management, RREEF, Georgia Tech Foundation, and G.E Capital, owners such as Fairway Investments, Gulf States Paper, and for opportunity funds such as Morgan Stanley and the Archon Group, as well as the Government of Singapore.

Triad or its executive team have managed properties in Atlanta, Dallas, Tampa, and Huntsville.

With a national scope, these institutional owners are professional owners with precisely defined expectations who require the highest standards of property management and reporting. On a continued basis, Triad has met and exceeded the institutional owner’s demands and expectations. Triad has been able to offer this same high standard of services locally for third party owned property such as Maynor & Mitchell Eye Center, First Commercial Bank, North Alabama Bank, PNC Building, Cobalt Capital Partners and Premier Professional Systems to name a few.

The property managers at Triad apply their vast market expertise, high standards and sound decision-making to maximizing operational efficiencies while creating a quality environment for tenants. Our services are tailored to each client’s investment goals and objectives, and are provided by personnel who are well-trained and motivated to maximize the owner’s investment return. A comprehensive Tenant Retention Program is a key ingredient to achieving this goal.

In addition to benefiting from the depth of Triad operational experience, discipline and attention to detail, third party owners have enjoyed the cost management and reporting proficiencies associated with having in-house Certified Public Accountants on the executive team.

Triad provides third party owners with the unique benefit of receiving management services from a dedicated team with the perspective and commitment of commercial property owners. Triad’s programmatic approach to property management “through the owner’s eyes perspective” is structured to provide the highest level of professional, cost effective, and value-added management services. Simply put, we take exceeding owner’s expectations on a personal level.

Our organization, proven standards and methods, and market expertise enable Triad to offer the following property management services for office, medical, industrial and retail properties:

  • Business Planning including the determination of the owners goals, objectives and preferences
  • Contract Administration including attentive oversight of grounds and interior service providers
  • Lease Administration including computation and billing for annual rental escalations
  • Tenant Relations and Retention Program
  • Quality Assurance including expeditious responses to owner and tenant requests
  • Preventative Maintenance to facilitate expense management
  • Accounting and Reporting including transparent monthly reporting and annual budget preparation
  • Engineering and Mechanical including oversight of building systems and operations
  • Energy Conservation including evaluation of efficiencies that may generate life cycle and cost savings
  • Personnel Training to ensure the highest level of professional services